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In the bush

After a heavy night out we were woken by Richie knocking on our door. Apparently it was 6.15am, we were suppose to be picked up at 6am, whoops! Furzey jumped out of bed and looked over to where Ash was lying although we were late he thought that Ash couldn't be bothered to get out of bed so he gave him a harder kick than he meant into his midrift. He then heard an agonising french groan and looked up to see Ash in the top bunk not the bottom one with the frenchy in it. Furzey apologised to winsing frog (more of the gaelic midget later), but no response, nevermind we had place to be. At reception with Rich in hysterics, the bus had already left luckily only to pick up more campers.

We kipped on the bus for a couple of hours to be woken up at Kings Canyon. After a walk up a hill named Heart Attack Hill we had luncheon with a stunning view over the Red Centre. We walked round the top of the canyon and Garden of Eden, with Furzey and Chase not getting to close to the vertical cliffs due to the aversion to heights.

That evening we set up camp in a 1000000 acre cattle station, in the middle of no where and kipped under the stars. With a crate of 30 cans between the five lads - Ash, Furzey, Andy, Richie and a nutter korean called Tes we sat around the fire. The crate was meant to last both nights but only lasted a couple of hours, no local supermarket around these parts. That night the temperature dropped to below freezing!

In the morning we went to the aboriginal cultural centre at Uluru (Ayers Rock)and read up about their culture. We also watched a quick video of a traditional dance, not nice as the topless dancers breasts were down to her knees.

That afternoon we went on a 10k hike around the Kata Tjutas and the Valley of the Winds.

In the evening we saw the sunset at Uluru and watched the rock change colour.

Back at camp in Uluru resort, a bizarre complex in the middle of no where incorporating campsites and hotels, and the third biggest population in the state at 5000. After dinner we set out to find a TV to watch the England game and luckiliy enough one of the hotel bars was showing it.

After only a few hours we were woken at about 5.30am to see the sunrise at Uluru. We then moved onto the rock itself and were given the option to walk around the base (a 10k walk) or venture up to the top. The aborigines see the rock as sacred and ask people not to climb so respected this and did the walk, also 36 peopled have died doing it!

After the walk we had lunch and Richie made Furzey have a naked picture with Uluru in the background, with Ash as the unfortunate photographer.

That evening we had dinner with our group then headed out to our hostels 'party bar' where we met up with our friends from the first tour down to Alice who had been on a similar tour to us.

The night was really funny, as Ash got roped into being a participant in one of the party games. A dutchy from the first tour needed to get a pair of trousers from the crowd, and grabbed a sober Ashley. After a couple of fairly embarrasing rounds on stage Ashley somehow ended up in the final against the wounded frenchman (Furzey had already apologised to him, but he was so comotosed from the night before he didn't even notice his kicking). Ashley and the Frenchman were then told that the final was to be to give a lapdance to their partner. There was no stopping the Frenchy who was soon down to his briefs. Ash took things a bit slower. Halfway through he thought he must be doing something right when the dutch girl threw her hands in the air and screamed, only to realise that there was a giant screen behind him showing the world cup and holland had just scored! We were then told to reverse roles and somehow when it came to the decision from the crowd, Ash and his partner were the victors! The frenchman looked a bit disgusted at the result and revealed he was a professional stripper back home.

Today, we've enjoyed sleeping in and having a relaxing day. We are waiting the go to the airport to catch a flight to cairns where it will hopefully be somewhat warmer.

We've taken loads of photos the last week on our tours and hope to load them soon.

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Well well boys where do I begin?! Ive just read your previous blogs including this one and I havnt stopped laughing. I dont know which is funnier Furzey and his cocaine smuggling or Chase's attempts to dance...erotically! Kudos to the Fuzz for giving Frenchy a good kick, he no doubt deserved it. I bet your both on heat for a bit of lady company, just get out there and grab some strange ass, and aim low! However if you come back married to each other, Brieley and I will not be too surprised, Ralphy can be Chase's maid of honour ha ha! On serious note lads everyone is missing you and when we were up in Notts your lash and banter was missed. Look after yourselves,


by amdy

hey furzey! random question, where did you stay in bangkok? play safe! x

by Kirpy

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