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In the bush

After a heavy night out we were woken by Richie knocking on our door. Apparently it was 6.15am, we were suppose to be picked up at 6am, whoops! Furzey jumped out of bed and looked over to where Ash was lying although we were late he thought that Ash couldn't be bothered to get out of bed so he gave him a harder kick than he meant into his midrift. He then heard an agonising french groan and looked up to see Ash in the top bunk not the bottom one with the frenchy in it. Furzey apologised to winsing frog (more of the gaelic midget later), but no response, nevermind we had place to be. At reception with Rich in hysterics, the bus had already left luckily only to pick up more campers.

We kipped on the bus for a couple of hours to be woken up at Kings Canyon. After a walk up a hill named Heart Attack Hill we had luncheon with a stunning view over the Red Centre. We walked round the top of the canyon and Garden of Eden, with Furzey and Chase not getting to close to the vertical cliffs due to the aversion to heights.

That evening we set up camp in a 1000000 acre cattle station, in the middle of no where and kipped under the stars. With a crate of 30 cans between the five lads - Ash, Furzey, Andy, Richie and a nutter korean called Tes we sat around the fire. The crate was meant to last both nights but only lasted a couple of hours, no local supermarket around these parts. That night the temperature dropped to below freezing!

In the morning we went to the aboriginal cultural centre at Uluru (Ayers Rock)and read up about their culture. We also watched a quick video of a traditional dance, not nice as the topless dancers breasts were down to her knees.

That afternoon we went on a 10k hike around the Kata Tjutas and the Valley of the Winds.

In the evening we saw the sunset at Uluru and watched the rock change colour.

Back at camp in Uluru resort, a bizarre complex in the middle of no where incorporating campsites and hotels, and the third biggest population in the state at 5000. After dinner we set out to find a TV to watch the England game and luckiliy enough one of the hotel bars was showing it.

After only a few hours we were woken at about 5.30am to see the sunrise at Uluru. We then moved onto the rock itself and were given the option to walk around the base (a 10k walk) or venture up to the top. The aborigines see the rock as sacred and ask people not to climb so respected this and did the walk, also 36 peopled have died doing it!

After the walk we had lunch and Richie made Furzey have a naked picture with Uluru in the background, with Ash as the unfortunate photographer.

That evening we had dinner with our group then headed out to our hostels 'party bar' where we met up with our friends from the first tour down to Alice who had been on a similar tour to us.

The night was really funny, as Ash got roped into being a participant in one of the party games. A dutchy from the first tour needed to get a pair of trousers from the crowd, and grabbed a sober Ashley. After a couple of fairly embarrasing rounds on stage Ashley somehow ended up in the final against the wounded frenchman (Furzey had already apologised to him, but he was so comotosed from the night before he didn't even notice his kicking). Ashley and the Frenchman were then told that the final was to be to give a lapdance to their partner. There was no stopping the Frenchy who was soon down to his briefs. Ash took things a bit slower. Halfway through he thought he must be doing something right when the dutch girl threw her hands in the air and screamed, only to realise that there was a giant screen behind him showing the world cup and holland had just scored! We were then told to reverse roles and somehow when it came to the decision from the crowd, Ash and his partner were the victors! The frenchman looked a bit disgusted at the result and revealed he was a professional stripper back home.

Today, we've enjoyed sleeping in and having a relaxing day. We are waiting the go to the airport to catch a flight to cairns where it will hopefully be somewhat warmer.

We've taken loads of photos the last week on our tours and hope to load them soon.

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Darwin to Alice Springs

sunny -50 °C

After arriving back from our Kakadu tour in the evening we set out to buy some warm clothes for our next tour after being warned it can drop to -2c and we'd be sleeping out in the open. All we had was t-shirts and shorts from asia. All the shops were shut apart from a Rugby shop so we bought a couple of fleeces and beanies. Ashley was forced to buy a ridiculous Wallabies bobble hat.

We woke up early to start a 3 day tour through the ouback to Alice Springs. On day one we had a long drive to our first campsite and dropped our bags off before setting out on a 7km walk though the outback. We ended up at Katherine Gorge where we had a swim. There were some rocks as well which we jumped off into the waterhole (don't worry it was very deep).

Back at the campsite we cooked dinner and then sat around the campfire, with a few beers. Everyone on the two buses were really cool and got to know a few of them really well.

The next morning we set off early (again!!) and went to a thermal spring. The spring was really hot, but once you got out it was freezing! Most of the day was spent driving, around 700km and stopped off every now and again and some pretty insignificant australian history site.eg. a house that once had a telephone.

Before camp we stopped off at the bottle shop (offy) to stock up on essentials - a crate of tooheys new with our partner in crime a taff called Richie. Once at the site we collected some fire wood then lit the mother of all campfires. Rather than sleep in the huts we slept outside in swags (big bivvy bag) around the fire.

On the final stint to Alice Springs we stopped off at a place called Devils Marbles which was pretty. We also stopped off at the Tropic of Capricorn and headed out of the tropics for the first time in a couple of months.

That evening we arrived in Alice and had dinner with our group and a night out. We met loads of really nice people and have managed to get places to stay down the east coast.

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After arrving in Darwin at gone 6am we slept in til 2pm, but was well deserved. That arvo we went on a walking tour round the city which took bout 40mins, that says it all really. We booked a couple of trips which would take up the next couple of days and take us down to Uluru and Alice Springs.

In the eve we went for free food at a backpackers bar and met up with Sonja, Liv and Sian. After free scran we had a few beers and a goodnight, nothing less expected with drinking with Sonja and Liv the 'Ocean queens'.

Getting in out 3am we had 3.5hrs sleep as were going on a free trip to Lichfield National Park to see the waterholes and waterfalls. The day was really good and going in the freshwater pools sorted out hangovers.

The next day was no let as had to be up for 7am again for our trip to Kakadu National Park for a 4wd adventure and an overnights camp. The first morning we went on a riverboat where saw some jumping crocdiles and got some good snaps.

After a long drive we ended up in the park which was really pretty and saw some aboriginey art. We climbed up one outcropping which had a massive view stretching most of the park.

On the way to our campsite we saw various things like a forest fire (controlled one) and a junior python. At the site we started a campfire with a BBQ of buffalo 'snags' and kangaroo steak. Sinking a few VB's round the fire we had a go on the digeradoo but only managed farting noises.

The next day we climbed up the rock plateau to see some magnificient waterfalls and waterholes and had a swim.

Tomorrow we leave for Alice Springs, where it is apparently -2degrees, so we both bought beenies in attempt to keep warm.

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The Airport

We arrived in Darwin at 3am, in the northern teritory of Australia and were suprised when we didn't receive the usual friendly greeting we'd got used to in Asia.

After disembarking the plane we had the sniff from a female since leaving from England.........from a dog resembling bouncer (from neighbours). Once in the queue for imigration we saw some familar faces in the queue behind us, Sonja and Olivia from Uni and their friend Sian. After a quick chat we got back in the queue and said would meet the other side.

Once through immigration we were sniffed by another dog and then asked by a lady where we had been and asked if we had anything to declare. Wanting to say 'yes I'm a raging hom' we kept our mouths shut. On describing our trip and quite chuuffed with the number of places visited we were told to take a sit rather than the flow of other tourists.

Once seated a customs officer asked about our trip and informally in a friendly way asked if we going round the world sleeping with prostitutes and taking drugs. With a laugh we told of course we hadn't.

We were then separated and the 'chat' was much less jovial! After the officers remarked that the places on our trip coincided with drugs and prostitution routes we again said it wasn't really our thing we just like beer. With bags through the x -ray machine a chemical swob was then taken from our hand luggage.

There was quite a long nervous wait for both of us eventhough we knew our innocence. When the results came back Ash's was of course negative. However, the expression on Furzeys face told Ash that all was not the same for him, positive!! After being questioned again and a further testing the machine confirmed, positive trace of cocaine. Furzey was absolutely bricking it and had a case of knobbly knees. At this time Chase was being encouraged to grass on his 'drug smuggling' mate as would be better for him. At this point ash was allowed to leave.

However, furzey was read his rights and had a body search (not strip) and had both his bags emptied and tested. After about 40 mins the ozzies couldn't find their suspected drugs but still managed to give him a wrap on the knuckles for importing tea bags and a Cadbury's fruit and nut, not the only one in the customs department I tell thee.

Furzey was let go with his heart ticking slighly faster than usual and met up with Ash, Sonja and Liv the otherside.

(p.s the suspected source of pollution is thought to be a theiving cockney in singapore who used something from Furzeys washbag).

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After our delayed flight we eventually arrived in Bali at 3am and surprise surprise we hadn't booked anywhere. However, after getting a few prices we chose a nice hotel with pool and pool bar.

Didn't really do much for the first couple of days just lounged by the pool and went to the beach. Found some really nice bars and clubs and developed a routine - play pool til 10, then happy hour @ Paddy's, then happy hour @ bounty's and off 2 club mbargo.

After a couple of days we developed the courage to rent a surf board rather than get a lesson as how hard can it be?! With balls bigger than brains we headed out into the surf only to get pounded by some 30ft waves (well thay looked that big). The next set of waves was slightly smaller and we both managed to sort off stand up, if only for a short while.

The next day we booked a trip white water rafting. After travelling for an hour or so through some amazing countryside we met our guide. Once kitted up and ready to walk down the gorge like valley our guide took to his knees and starting praying, we hoped it was something to do with the time of day and not our safety! After walking down a few hundred steps, seeing the river and being told we had two jumps one of 3m the other of 5m, we decided it was probably our safety!

The rafting was amazing and scenery even better, through rice fields, water falls and underneath bamboo bridges. A russian group also set off at around the same time as us and as we neared the end of the course we were neck and neck! Being uncompetitive we decided the ruskys had to lose and paddled like heck, they lost!

With our perfected routine we headed for one last night out and met up with ozzy lads staying in the same hotel. As we were about to leave Furzey bumped into a lad a few years older than him from school(James Richardson, dad Jeff from CHRFC). With 2000rp between the two of us we decided to call it a night. However, james and friends wouldnt let furzey leave (about 4am) and forced jim to get in a taxi to a club 20mins away.

With no money james kindly paid for furzeys entry and a beer.At the club there was a nightime bungy and james and told furzey he was going to do the jump and they were paying for it. As james and mates went to the bar for another round furzey saw his chance and did a runner. However no money meant no taxi and along walk down the beach and returned at 6am.

The day was spent chilling by the pool, waiting for our 12am flight.

The flight was non-eventful, but however our arrival in oz was anything but...............................................!!!!!

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We arrived lunchtime and eventually found a hostel that Amdy and Jen told us would be suitable named 'The Inn Crowd'. It was the first dormitory that we have stayed in so far. It had a bar, pool table, free internet and breakfast and had lots of friendly people that we really got on with.

The first afternoon we went to Sim Lim Square, an electronics shopping mall. It really isn't a generalisation to say that asians love their electronics. Ashley asked for a discman and got responses that suggested he is living in the stone age. We headed back and found an australian pub. When we tried to order a typical english cup of afteroon tea instead of a beer, the ozzy barman basically gave us a look that told us we were bared.

We enjoyed a BBQ put on by the hostel that evening and had a few beers playing pool that night and met some really funny people with hilarious stories from our hostel, particularly from a nice couple Luke & Joanna and Adam. Adam has even invited us to stay with him when we get to sydney where he'll be living for a while.

The next moring we struggled to cook our first meal since being away (fried eggs on toast) for breakfast. At our hostel we bumped into a friend from uni Jaffer, completely unplanned. That day along with a few people from our hostel we wandered around the city but didn't really do or see much after being tempted into a restaurant for an afternoon curry which turned into a bit of a feast.

That night our hostel sold us the idea of going to a 'night safari'. We got a taxi there and then boarded a tram around the park. We were a bit suprised when we were then repeatedly told to not use our cameras and our mate Adam his headlamp as it scares the animals. Because of this it was quite difficult to see the aniamls. Really the night safari was a drive round the day zoo in the dark. It would have been better value going in the day. Ashley hid in a bush and jumped out roaring to scare a girl from our hostel so then got a kick as she didn't find it as funny as we did.

We had a good time at the hostel bar again that night. We met a group of americans at our hostel and enquired why they had a film crew with them. It turns out they are stars of a reality show currently being shown in the US and asia called '5 takes'. The viewers decide weekly where they should travel. They showed us their website and it seems like the show is quite big. We asked if they wanted to feature two English gentlemen, but they surprisingly declined. Along with Adam we engaged in one of our favourite pass times abusing foreigners and it was the turn of the yanks this time, excellent fun!!

The next morning Adam left and was kind enough to leave us an army jacket (usefull in asia), 2 muffins, a book and a condom. Thanks. That day along with Jaffer we went to Sentosa Island. We got a cable car there which had spectacular views of Singapore. On the island we had fun riding luges and visted the man made beach. When it started thundering and lightning out at sea we decedied we better cut short our swim. We headed back to the mainland and visited the famous Raffles for a drink on the way back to our hostel.

Today we visited Botanical Gardens with Jaffa. The gardens were really pretty and unusually quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.

We are currently at the airport, which is supposedly the best in the world. It has free internet, and apparently a swimming pool and cinema among other things. At passport control the immigration officer had to do a triple take at Furzeys passport as his curly fro didn't match the short back and sides of the boy in the picture.

Singapore was by far the most developed and expensive place we've stayed so far. We really enjoyed staying at the hostel. Staying in the dorm meant less privacy and more noise but we got to meet lots of people.

  • *[b][i]UPDATE

Our plane is suppose to be 10minutes from landing in Bali, however our plane has an electrical fault so have been grounded indefinitely. Rubbish! So we are preparing for a night at the airport, but there maybe a chance of some compensation (theres no flies on us).

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Arriving in Penang we checked into a bit of a dive of a guesthouse, but at only around 2 quid you can't complain. In Georgetown we visited the history and art museum for a bit of culture, which was quite interesting.However,after just one day decided we'd seen enough and so headed to Kuala Lumpar to meet friends from uni Amdy and Jen. We booked into the same hostel as them and went out for dinner and drinks with them. It was good to see some familiar faces. Watching Amdy try to barter at the market for his third watch / camera was amusing. He really must be on a budget, who says he acts Jewish.The market in Chinatown, sold absolutely anything that was designer and were told that all the goods were genuine fakes. The only purchase made was an England rugby polo shirt by Furzey for the world cup as he couldn't bring himself to buy the football equivalent.

The next day we went shopping with Amdy and Jen and visited Petronas towers, which used to be the tallest building in the universe. They headed off in the afternoon and that night we went to see Da Vinci Code at the cinema, even though outside it was being sold on fake DVD for 50p.

The following day we visited Cosmo World, an inside theme park. Including us there were only about 20 people in the park and so we never had to queue and were often the only ones on a ride. We managed to bully some malaysians on the bumper cars. Our double team smash was effective, we had a couple of goes but the malaysians never returned, obviously learned.

That night we went to the local snooker hall and discovered snooker is a lot harder than pool.

Next morning we woke early to catch a bus down to singapore.

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Journey South


In Ko Samui we booked a combined ticket that would take us to Satun on the thai/malaysia border. We were told the ticket included everything, including a direct mini bus from the ferry port to Satun. However, our journey south ending up being as bad the losing x-factor band.

Once on the mainland we boarded a bus which took us to Suri Thani, from here we boarded a tuk tuk (daihatsui hi-jet style), then a pick up, then a minibus. After a few hours of being ferried about we ended up on a minibus heading south. We mananged to stay on the bus for around 4 hrs before our final change to Satun.

By this time the ferry we were going to take to the Malaysian island of Langkwari had stopped for the day. Satun was a slightly strange place and so was our hotel, which had Thai kareoke. However, they did show the champions league final in the lobby at 2am, which was a bonus and a game glad we didn't miss.

The next day we got the ferry to Langwari, where we stayed in a terraced room right next to the sea. However, although staying in the busiest part of the island rainy season had just started and was like a ghost town (good research. We went to 'Underworld' a marine life park and saw loads of ridiculous looking fish and a couple of small sharks. We the decided there wasn't much else to see on the island so booked a ferry the next day to penang, where we are now.

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Ko Samui

all seasons in one day 0 °C

With a massive hangover on the 1 hr ferry from ko pha ngan, we tried to decide on ko samui where to stay. Nevertheless we didnt manage it and it wasn't until we were in a taxi, that we finally summoned the composure to do so.

we ended up in bungalow with a second floor in Chenang about a hundred metres from the beach. We didn't really do much the first day apart from catch up on some sleep.

That evening we decided to take in some of the sites of Ko Samui. On the way to one of the recommended bars the Reggae Club furzey got his nipple tweeked by a ladyboy, which chase found hilarious.

The following day we went go-karting, ashley the'junior champ' chase went into the race as favourite. Starting in pole position chase sped off, however before the end of the lap he was overtaken by chris 'the flyer' furze. The champ was ended up being overtaken by 'the flyer' no less than 3 times, at one point slowing down to goad him.

The afternoon was spent on the beach and whilst watching the water skiing, furzey couldnt resist another go at wake boarding.

Ashley decided to take advantage of the many tailors on the island offering great deals on suits. He had 2 talior made suits and shirts done to try to look the part when starting his new job in september. While waiting to check the fitting of the suit, we were entertained by the tailor who gave us a singa beer and sat us down to watch a bollywood movie with him which we really enjoyed. When we were all done and fitted we were tempted to stay for the rest of the film.

The next day, we woke early and went on a day trip to a marine park out at sea. We got on a speedboat and stopped for kayaking in the morning and snorkelling in the afternoon. The journey back was fun, as we decided to sit on the roof of the speedboat. We had to cling on quite hard when the driver decided to take a sharp right.

On the second night we entered a pool comp. After playing hundreds of games between us (Chase winning the lions share), we were quietly confident about leaving with the 1600 baht prize. However, furzey was knocked out in the 1st round while ash was knocked out in the second.

After successfully negotiating ourselves through the go go girls we made our way to the Green Mango Club, which looked like a pretty respectable establishment (no prossies). We had a few beers and even found our way to the dancefloor. Although at the start of the night there were no ladys of the night, by this time there were and ignoring them we thought they would go away. Wrong! To get out attention one of the ladys bit furzey on the neck! Luckily furzey had recently had a tetanus jab, but anyway decided to leave.

The next morning we started our ardious journey south.

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Ko Pha Ngan

After Ko Toa we got the ferry to the island of Ko Phan Nguan.Even though had a relatively relaxed night as the ferry was quite early we still suffered from a slight changover on the ferry.

Once there we found that most of the places were already booked up, so after a bit of a trek we booked into a double room over looking sunset beach. So the two of us were back sharing a room again!

Ash was feeling a bit tom and dick the first couple of days, so we picked up some 'cold' tablets from the chemist, the next day ash was so tired he could barely open his eyes (not much change from normal) so after going back to the chemist we were told that once combined with alcohol they would knock you out, so taking the sensible option ash decided no more pills.

We didn't really do much on the island apart from chill on the beach and float on our lilo's (Furzey had an illuminous pink one), after falling asleep one morning Ash ended about 1 mile to sea. In the week we had a couple of quite big nights out, returning to our new twin bungalow on the beach (we moved after two nights) at 7am. The new place was called paradise and we became the best mates of the thai lads working there. We couldn't decide whether it was because a.just nice b.fancied us c.wanted to rob us. We had a few England vs Thailand pool games and think the result was bout even. At the start we thought that the answer to our dilemna was a. however we soon realised it was a case of a and b, as one of the lads told "Aschtley" he was the "inspiration for all the world", hilarious!

On one of our nights out Furzey heard a familiar voice and turned round to see David Riddel Carre (Riddels from geography (Brie the one that fancied sam)), from Notts uni so drank a few buckets with him. After which Furzey got diarohhera (?) and the combined effect of Imodium Plus and Diocalm couldnt block him up.

Then came the full moon party.For our warm up we met up with a lad we met on Ko Toa to watch the FA cup, was a quality game and on the day the best team won (haha Mchugh, unlucky). We then headed to the beach and ordered in some buckets of vodka and coke, when we turned round we were surrounded by lady boys, time to move on.

To cut a long night short, we were still partying until sunrise and ash even managed a singha with his full english at 8am. To slightly over the limit we decided to get the ferry that morning to ko samui, as might as well waste a day travelling rather than nursing a hangover.

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