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Ko Toa

Having enough of buses we decided to get the train out of Bangkok and got the last 2 tickets for a sleeper. We arrived at Chumpon station where were to take a transfer to the ferry. However, in our haste to leave Bangkok we got the 5 o'clock train, which arrived a 1am, so we had our first experience of sleeping rough on a station bench, until our transfer to the boat. Note, that the taxi, wasnt the conventional car sort but of the pick up truck variety and were thrown in the back with luggage.

After being hassled continously on the ferry by a ridic number of touts we chose a mainly british dive school which included a free beach bungalow, that if any closer to the beach would have been in the sea.

For the next four days we undertook 5 dives and more than enough written work. To our shock on the 1st day we were ushered to a classroom with text books and videos, after our long journey it wasnt long before almost fast a kip.

The dives were amazing and went down to 18m, which is enough! Also swam through a couple swim through caves and are both now qualified SSI open water divers.

After being invited by our dive instructor onto her boyfriends speedboat we had a couple of afternoons wakeboarding and beers, which was absolutely amazing.

Hopping across the gulf of thailand tomos to the island of Ko Phangan. Heading there for the world famous Full Moon party where we may encounter a 'Changover'* or two.


  • Ridic strength lager (6.4%) that makes Stella taste like Kaliber.

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More pics

Hope the link works?!


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Have a gander


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Some photos

all seasons in one day 50 °C

Here are some photos of our trip so far.


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Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Ha Long

rain -50 °C

Since leaving Nha Trang we took the night bus to Hoi An and found a nice hotel with roof-top pool. A day of sightseeing visiting, we saw a world heritage sight and saw some more vietnamese music. The town is know for its tailor-made suits and dresses. We left with beer t-shirts and boardies (tailor made of course).

Next day, we got another bus to Hue. After checking in to a hotel, we ventured out to see the city. Feeling hungry, we accepted the inviation by a cyclo driver to take us to a nice restaurant. Down several alleys later we were at restaurant and around not much else. We walked in to be told there was only a set 7 course menu, which for vietnamese prices was rather steep. Our hunger overrode our budget sense and we sat down for a feast. With full bellies, on the way back we asked the cyclo drivers if we could ride the cyclos, with them as passengers. In the afternoon, we saw most of what the city had to offer and decided we could move on. So we booked another overnight bus to hanoi and checked out of the hotel without even staying the night there.

Once again, we arrived early morning in Hanoi and checked in to a hotel. Really tired and not bothered where we stayed as long as it had a bed we found ourselves in the worst hotel of our stay. It was cock roach infested, broken aircon, water dripping from the bath room roof. On the first day we visited the many sights of Ha Noi, the Ho Chi Minh museum the highlight. The next day we travelled on another bus for a day trip to Ha Long bay, which was magnificient and well worth the 4 hr trip there. We visited a cave and and a floating village (in the sea). The bay is one of the worlds 7 UNESCO heritage sites.

Once back in Ha Noi we decided our only option for food was the $2 all you can eat buffet. We ate 8 plates of food between us and have suffered our first hangover from over eating.

Flying to Bangkok tonight


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Nha Trang

snow 50 °C

From Ho Chi Minh we took our life in our hands and got a night bus to the beach resort of Nha Trang. The bus journey was different, the roads are pretty crap,the driver was on the horn all the time and kept swerving to miss all the mopeds, so very little sleep that night!

Ariving in Nha Trang we decidied to try and barter for our hostel. We got them down to $12 for air conditioned ensuite twin with free internet and breakfast, which we were pleased with, until we found out the price for such a room in Nha Trang is usually $6. Our negotiating needs some work.

Boozing most nights we have been taking it easy on the beach, nursing our hangovers from the previous nights bucket of cocktails and jam jars!! So very few culture and sights taken in. After boozing one night we stopped of at the vietnam version of the kebab shop, the baguette stall, whilst eating our food on the kids plastic chair furzey mananged to snap the leg! We paid our bill, 2 baguettes and 1 plastic chair which came to 25,000 dong about 80p, bargain!

There are quite a few beggars and street sellers insisting you buy postcards for ridic prices, a hard faced furze declines while a weak Chase gives in to a 6 year old boy who challenges him to a game of football. If ash loses the postcards are his. Chase insisted he let the boy win.

Also hired some jet skis in attempt to feel like James Bond. With two jet skis on offer one massive the other for big girls, chase took the girly option. Whilst on the water we had numerous races with furzey winning all of them, apparently chases kept getting stuck in 1st gear (although automatic!?).

Have enjoyed watching the FA semis and tigers that went with it. Its a shame West Ham won though Mchugh.

Heading further north this eve on another night bus to a place called Hoi Ann for a bit of culture.

P.s FAO Drinkasaurous, unlike the preceeding fable the chase effect is a real life phenomenon, apparently it is to do with his pale skin. So Mr Drinkasaurous must have been loved by the Asians.

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Good Moning Vietnam

snow -36 °C

Since our last update we have moved onto Vietnam, but did a few more things in bangkok before we left.

On monday morning we decided to go to the Docs to have a look at Furzeys leg as was slightly infected, the doc gave us some antibiotics and a pat on the back.

As in the area we hit Siam square and Ocean world in the shopping centre and saw lots of fishes.

In the afternoon we partook in our favourite past-time lounging by the pool, but only chang (beer) for Chase as it was against the docs orders for furzey.

Later on the eve we decided to walk to Thai boxing as on the map wasnt very far, however got completely lost and jumped in a taxi having decided tuk tuks are a rip off and all on drugs. On arrival we decided on the cheap seat option, but was marker foreigner so thought we wouldnt be in same part as the Thais (however all this meant was over inflated prices). Goin through the gated turn stile we were greeted by a security guard with metal detector, reassuring?! We then walked into a caged terrace with hundreds of thais baying for blood. Seating ourselves in an area with a quick getaway we watched the fighting which was really good!

Tempting fate we discussed what we do if a riot broke out UK style, not quite a riot but when a yank started beating a thai two thais took it upon themselves to brawling in the audience!interesting, but escaped unscathed and returned to the hotel bar for some chang. it was here we discovered the 'chase effect' whereby the asian woman commented on how handsome he was and even ending up getting a couple of beers for free!

having flown to vietnam, which is bizarre so many mopeds, crossing the road is a nightmare! we have been on a one day tour to the mekong delta, a rural area a few hours outside saigon, we experienced a floating market and traditional activities such as music and singing which was hilariously bad - they would have been simon cowell's worst victims to date. We then cut the trip short and headed back to the city. Pretty tired we decieded to have a couple of drinks over a game of pool. Whilst innocently playing, we were challanged by two viatnamesse ladies. The game was a battering (not in our favour) and was refereed by the gayest man in asia. After a couple of games, we realised they wanted to do more than chalk our cues so we made our excuses and scarpered.

Today, we visited a couple of museums, mostly about the war, some of the photos were harrowing. After our fix of culture for a while, we booked our bus ticket to the beach resort of Nha Trang. We're getting a night bus later and are looking forward to some relaxing on the beach after beeing in cities for most of our time so far.

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Beer count - forgotten! Still in Bangkok, have done a bit of the cultural stuff such as going to the Grand Palace and massive weekend market (8000 stalls). We are no longer prisoners in the hotel as the water shananigans has finished!

We have refrained from the traditional bangkok pursuits and seem to be the only white men without a thai bird in tow, is unbelievable, they actually act like its normal!

Visiting the grand palace which was indeed grand, but lasted less than an hour as was too hot and discovered that neither of us are actually that cultural so returned to the comfort of the hotel roof terrace and pool.

The market was huge and were both after some bargains of watches, tshirts and sunglasses, however we ended up in the roughest part of the market and with lots of Cockerils and a suspicious ring. We got out sharpish before the impending cock fight, and didnt actually have anything to show for our visit.

Have been having a few beers for the last couple of nights with a welsh chap called john, which has been good and booked a flight to Saigon leaving tuesday. Prob goin 2 watch thai boxing tomos night which should be interesting!

cheerio x

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Day two

Day two, 20 beers down, 6 different varieties, and the antibiotics already cracked open, (but nothing to worry about).

After assuring the BA checkin lady we had a visa for thailand, she found after 10 minutes that all we really had was mastercard and after 15 minutes of deliberation and a call to her supervisor we were allowed on the plane. No such probs at the Thai side tho, apart from sweaty palms syndrome but we both had a poker face and immigration welcomed us in.

We managed to get a taxi at a reduced rate as the taxi bloke took a liking to ash! However, once in the taxi it dawned on us that not everything was it should be in Bangkok. The roads were full of nutcases in the back off pickups armed with buckets and supersoakers and some white paste that they love to rub in your face, as if we are not white enough as it is!

Had a morning of unsuccessful sightseeing as we made the school boy error of wearing wife beaters to a holy temple, and our name was not down! So we walked back to the hostel for an afternoon of sunbathing, but was not that simple. As every thai and their dog wanted us sopping and covered in white paste. So we needed to change our clothes for the second time in as many days, ruining our estimate of one set of clothes per week.

at present we held prisoner in our hotel as dare not brave it outside until saturday when the festival ends, so are having to stay by the rooftop bar and pool, its a hard life!!

Bye for now

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