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Sorry for the long delay in posting what we have been upto, but we have been having too much fun to do it.

Since the last update we have been to Canberra and Melbourne and then flown to NZ where we have travelled the South Island and are currently waiting for our ferry to the North Island.

We are travelling round NZ on the Kiwi Experience. A bit of a cop out but has been a good crack and met loads of people.

We have only got about another week in NZ and then we are flying to LA to re-tan ourselves.

Hopefully we will get some time in the next few days to expand on the last month or so.

See you all soon

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Have put a load of pics onto Kodak Easyshare. I have sent an invitation to everyone, if you didnt get one and you want to have a gander give me an email.


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The three stugees left on the 5.15pm bus bound for Sydney after a 13 hour journey we arrived. In a rush to get to our hostel for the second half of the World Cup final we stumbled across Central Park with a massive screen and used our bags as sits.

On our first day in Sydney we wandered over to the Opera house and botanical gardens and took in a few of the sights. Also engaged in a bit of shopping. Whilst wandering about Furzey was pulled by the arm he was ready to have ago at the perpetrator but quickly realised it was Kev Penter, a lad from his course and a rugby league boy.

That evening we met up with Kev and went for a drink. Finding ourself in a pub that had a free quiz we thought we might as well take part. To our surprise we actually won and secured a $50 bar tab, result. So didnt end up leaving the pub we only meant to have a cheeky one in.

The following day we caught a bus to the world famous Bondi Beach. There were a few people surfing and on the beach but and we were in t-shirts but in the summer it must be amazing.

We also caught the ferry to Manly, which was really nice. The ferry took about 40minutes and took us all the way across the harbour, at Manly we had our now customary afternoon cup of tea and chilled out. The ferry back allowed us to see the Harbour Bridge and Opera house at sunset which was amazing.

By now Ryan had been with us about 10 days and was pretty much a broken man. We had a quality time and was sad to see him leave. However, Ry lives in Melbourne so he has only a few days left before the fun begins again.

Firday morning we went up Sydneys sky tower. From the tower you get an amazing 360 degree view and on a clear day you can see for 95km.

Later on we took a train to the suburbs to meet up with Gaz a mate of Ash's who worked at Lancing in his gap year. His Northen Irish parents we were really hospitable and welcomed us back any time. We then met up with his brother and mate and their local for some food and a few beers. It was really nice to get out of the city and visit a bar not full of English backpackers.

Its Saturday afternoon here and we are planning on going to the telstra stadium in a bit to watch South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Manly Sea Eagles (rugby league), which should be good although is raining here now. We are leaving tomorrow for Canberra, only a quick stop as apparently there is nothing there and is freezing.

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Forgot to mention that the two of us conceeded and both had a trim of our barnets. We previously had a challenge; who could last the longest without having a chop. Both being stubborn neither would back down, so we had to have a simaltaneous much needed cut.

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Byron Bay

On Ry's advice we booked into a hostel called Backpackers Inn and noticed as we checked in that night there was a bbq and sangria night, $8 for bbq and as much sangria as could drink.

When Ry turned up he almost walked past the half bearded man with an afro who was Furzey. Ryan gave us a guided tour round Byron and showed us the sights. Luckily for us it is the hottest winter in ages so temps in the day well into the mid 20's.

After a trip to the bottle shop we made for the hostel and some pre sangria drinks. On returning to the hostel we once again found the Canadians were staying there aswell, neither group seemed to happy about the coincidental meeting.

After a few drinks we started playing drinking games, such as Ring of fire, 5's and 21's which is where things started goin down hill. With our bbq tickets we got free tickets to club and a good night was had by all. Even the Canadians after a few drinks seemed to find our banter reasonably funny.

Nursing our hangovers we spent the afernoon on the beach, this was repeated for the next few days. On one of the days we played in an organised 5 a side tournament and managed to beat a team of brazilians. However, our fitness wained in the quarters and were thankfully knocked out.

On another afternoon we went for a free didgeradoo lesson. When we got there our hippy teacher sad had we been out the night before as we had negative energy so he lit some incense and blow smoke around the place. Ry got really into the hippy stuff but at some points furzey and ash who were sat crossed legged on the floor found it hard to stifle schoolboy giggles. Especially when told that water was made of crystals and was alive or something like that. The lesson was really good and all three of us want to take up blowing the didge.

We went to a nightclub called Cheeky Monkeys which is pretty infamous and danced like idiots. Cheeky monkeys is well known for its dancing on tables, so obviously we had to partake. One night Furzey fell off the table 3 times, but swears it wasn't because he was drunk but that the table was too narrow. Whilst Ash was asked to leave by the bouncers because he fell asleep in the toilets, he tried to persuade the bouncers he just needed to rest his eyes but this came to no avail.

Whilst in Cheeky Monkeys we met up with various characters he had met on the East Coast. One of which was essex Chris and Mark, who only lasted in Cheekys 5 minutes before being asked to leave.

As you can probably tell we were very cultural in Byron. However we did walk to the most easterly point in Australia and managed to see some whales and dolphins passing the point.

By the end of our time in Byron Ryan was begging for mercy from Furzey and Ash who by now are used to hangovers especially those from goon. (see slapthegoon.com)

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Brisy and Surfers

Right, this was a long time ago so am going to keep it short. Got to Brisbane and met up with Chris an essex boy we met in Thailand and checked into our hostel. We had a mooch round the city on the first day but not a great deal to see.

Later in that evening we went to a pub called the Pig n whistle to watch the England, which need not be expanded upon apart from that Furzey kept falling asleep.

Next day we went to the city Lagoon on the banks of the river and did a bit of sun bathing. Ash and Furzey then did what each of the are best at; Ash to make some money at the casino whilst Furzey went to the pub with Chris to spend some. At the pub Furzey bumped into Kat and Alex from our Fraser trip and all five of us ended up having a good night out.

To be honest I think that was about it for Brisbane.

We then headed further south Surfers and checked into a nice hostel. Once there we bumped into Karen and Hayley to the canadian girls we originally met in Darwin. By now we were pretty fed up with each other, us with their annoying accentsand bossiness and them with our schoolboy sense of humour.

In the arvo we tried our hands at boogie boarding, but were very unsuccessful with neither of us catching a wave.

For a change we went to the cinema to see Superman, which was terrible and both of us fell asleep. The best thing about the film was the soundtrack.

Early the next morning we caught the bus to Dreamworld, Australias biggest theme park. We went on all the roller coasters, the best being a ride that took u up vertically tup 38 storeys and then dropped you. As both of us are both scared of heights it was trial run for a bungee or skydive.

In preparation of meeting Furzeys mate Ry in Byron Bay we took it easy and had an early night.

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Hopefully with this link you might be able to see some pics. Maybe?!


Give it a go

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Fraser Island

Righty ho,after arriving at our hostel we were told that our trip the next day wasn't that busy and there were on four booked on our trip. If the trip didnt fill up we were to be transferred to another company. Anyway by the time of our briefing at 4pm there were still onlyfour of us and they decided togo ahead with the trip. After a brief discussion in the group we decided that we wanted a bigger group (more banter) and tried to get a refund. The soonest they could manage to takeus would be in two days time.Things got slighly heated but to cut a long story short we managed to get transferred toanother company,but we have to do all the legwork!

With our free day we went to the beach and the weather was actually quite hot for once. Furzey decided to go for a run and returned almost dead after only half an hour. Ash chased up his suit purchased from Ko Samu,as it still hasn't turned up in Blitey, and starting to get a bit suspicious.

That evening we had a group briefing and were warned of the perils of 4x4 driving on Fraser,how dangerous the dingoes were and that if we went in the sea we would be davaged by tiger sharks or drowned by the rip.

At 7.30am the next day our Fraser adventure began with a group food shop. We were advised to spend between $10-15 pp but the fat bar stewards we are managed to spend $30 pp.

The first day on Fraser we drove to a Lake called Wabby in our pink Toyota land cruiser. At Lake Wabby the sand dune is so steep you can surf the sand down into the lake. Armed with cardboard boxes we took a massive run up and at full speed threw ourselves down the dune. However,in true Jackass style as soon as we hit the (wet)sand we stopped dead. Ash managed to wind himself and Furzey headplanted the sand. Undetrred we had a rooly pooly race down the bank into the sea,and then a cheese roll with a bottle of water.

We set up camp and pitched our tents. Ash, Furzey and another lad (that reminded us of Mucpugh - wannabe cockney gangster,fussy eater, mummys boy hahaha) pitched our tent and claimed it as ours. We cooked a massive barbie then tucked into the beers. When it came to bedtime the two german girls (also lezzas) had claimed the boys tent and the other two tents also had couples sleeping in them. Mcpugh or Tom slept in the tent neway and the other couple Alex and Kat said if it was fine if Ash slept in the tent. The other couple were a bit more stand offish and had gone to bed a long time ago, so furzey was left without a tent. To start with he put a tarp over the picnic bench but this was a bit drafty so ended up in the 4x4.

The following day we drove up the beach and had a dip in Champagne pools, a freezing cold rock pool and went whale and shark spotting. On the second night we camped out on the beach,which was really good and we even managed to get a tent. Because of the dingoes on the island everytime you went to the toilet someone had to go with you and the toilet consisted of digging a 50cm hole.

On the following day we went to Lake Mackenzie that wa really pretty and had an amazing beach. The track through the rainforest was quite bumpy with lots of ruts in the sand and near vertical climbs (well nearly). Furzey did the driving and loved it,but according to Ashley the people in the back didnt quite enjoy the bumps quite as much.

After an early night in Hervey bay,we caught the 6.15am bus to Brisbane. On which we met up with Chris a lad we first met in Ko Toa but strangley keep bumping into.

In Brisbane now and plan to go out and watch the England game in a bit..........................C'MON ENGLAND.

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Airlie Beach

We arrived in Airlie and booked a trip to the Witsunday Islands with which we got free accomodation at Magnums hostel. That evening we tactilcally went to bed early before getting up at 3am to go to a bar which had a lock in, to watch the england - sweden game which started at 5am. It was a good atmosphere in the bar with lots of chanting and banter between the english and swedish fans.

Next day we spent chilling at the lagoon (man made pool). That evening we went for a couple of drinks with a couple sharing our room and even set our room-mate up with a job.

The next morning we bumped into a friend from uni, Hazel, and then that afternoon, we boarded our boat for a 3 day trip around the Witsunday Islands. Our boat was meant to take 30 but only 13 were onboard. Only 3 of us were male and it was clear from the outset that the 4 man crew of the boat were like 'dogs on heat'. After sailing across some open water which was a bit rough we stopped for dinner everyone on the boat was really nice. That night we expanded our knowledge of drinking games and had a good night.

In the morning we travelled to our dive site and with the 2 other divers went on an unguided dive which was really good. An underwater canyon was probably the highlight. However, the 3 lads were told off by our female dive companion for going too fast.

That evening on the boat was similar to the first night with lots of drinks and fun. Next morning we visited the spectacular Whitehaven Beach and kitted out in stinger suits had a refreshing swim in the sea, whilst it rained. We went back to the boat for lunch and then snorkelled that afternoon. The snorkelling was great and we managed to meet and swim with the famous fish ''Elvis'', which is about 4ft long.

Afterwards, we headed back to shore to Airlie Beach, and that evening met up with the people from our boat for a good night out on land. The night was obviously too good as we missed our bus at 11.15 the next morning and so had to wait till 6 for the next one down to Rockhampton, where we stopped to watch the england - ecuador game before boarding another bus down to Hervey Bay.

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Magnetic Island

After the nightbus and short ferry journey we arrived on Magnetic bright and early.

Once at our accommodation which we got to at 7.30am we were told we couldnt check in until 11 so we kipped in the bar for a couple hours like ín true 'traveller' style.

The hostel was really nice and was situated on the beach there isn't really a town on the island so all amentities were provided at the hostel.

We had a free afternoon of Kayaking, so we took up the offer eventhough no one else was in the sea due to the choppiness. The Kayak bloke said the sea here was pretty safe but if we did see a shark to jab it between the eyes with the paddle (he was being serious). Ash kept capsizing and each time had a mad panic to get back on the Kayak before he was the victim of Jaws.

The next day we hired a little 4x4 with Mark our roomy and Karen and Hayley the two Canadians who had just arrived. Luckily for us the car was manual so girls didnt want to and couldnt drive it, phew. With a cd player in the car Furzey played the new streets album (fake from Bali) to which the Canadians thought was hilariously bad.

In the car we visited a few beaches but everytime we got out of the car it seemed to start raining. However we did manage some snorkelling and a walk up to the fort on the hill which had a really good view.

That night we took part in what we thought was going to be a normal pub quiz. We were wrong!! Our team comprised us two geniuses, mark and the Canadians (obviously the weakest link). After the first round we only had two questions wrong, one of which was "what was the final score of the rugby world cup fibal 2003"? An easy question you would think for Furzey but he didnt have a scooby. Anyway we were still joint top with 5 other teams.

Next came the physical round, with no idea what this comprised we nominated Hayley to represent us. It turns out the to progress to next round you had to accumulate various items. During the round a chair was taken away and the last to return was out. The were various rounds and succeeded in the first 5 or 6. One of the rounds was get 3 pairs of trousers, so Ash, Furzey and MArk were stood in the bar along with most of the blokes in our boxers. Another was get someone with a scar which Furzey passed with flying colours. We were eventually disqualified when the quiz master judged that 3 pairs of thongs (flip flops)didnt count as shoes.

The quiz was hilarious and the quiz master even more so. He asked an Asian lad if his name was like the noise of a can being kicked down the road - tin tang tong and repeatedly called him this eventhough his name was James. And a abused a large girl who gave up her thong. So un PC but hilarious.

After a few more token questions came the party trick round. The group of ozzy girls decided to neck a scooner (half pint) on a naked human pyramid. Mark, representing us walked on his hands and put us through to the final, good effort! However he was outdone by a lad who was going to set his leg on fire put it behind his head and neck a scooner. With his leg doused in deodrant he got as far as setting his leg on fire. What a half wit! We ending up doing reasonably well in the quiz but didnt win.

Slighly hungover we got the ferry and bus to Airle beach with mark.

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Rightey ho, where to start!!Been a while since our last update and hope we don't miss anything out

So we got to Cairns the nothern most major city on the East Coast in the hope of a bit sun after the freezing temperatures in Alice Springs. Unfortunately it was just overcast and although not 'hot'was still shorts weather, sort of.

We spent the first few days just mooching about and had a few nights out. After our third day of this we decided to hire a some bikes and go for a ride, however once in the car hire place we were soon convinced to rent a car (not that we are lazy or anything).

In the car we travlled inland and visited a couple of lakes that were created from volcanic eruptions and some quite dramatic waterfalls. This area is a world heritage site and is called the Wet Tropics, we realised it was called this for a reason as it drizzled constantly.

The next day we met up with Karen and Hayley to canadian friends from the Darwin to Alice trip and hired a car to visit Cape Tribulation. A place North of Cairns and the only place in the world where the rainforest meets the sea. It was really pretty and the sun even made a brief appearance. On the way we all shared the driving, apart from Karen who hadnt driven for 2 years and never on the 'wright'side of the road. However on the way back she decided to give it a bash and a bash we almost had more than once. Everyone in the car was braking for her and leaning inwards to avoid the trees and cliffs on the left hand side. The traffic cirles (roundabouts) which dont exist in Canada were almost as scary.

That night at 12am we caught the night bus to Magnetic ISland.

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